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++ Please touch. The territory of the heaven. ...Tour the nature....Touch the fog sea....Tease Dokgrajeaw....Be at single Chaiyaphum. ++
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Chaiyaphum Province .. Has scheduled an event "Festival" Flower blooming " 
The year 2017, held from June 1 to September 30, 2560 for a period of 4 months, and the opening ceremony of the festival of Krachai flower bloom of the year 2017 on June 17, 2560 at Pa Hin Ngam National Park, Landscape 
And the impression is not lost every year, and invite visitors to touch the flowers. In the area of ??over 600 rai 
in the forest park. Here is a field of flowering flower pot. And most beautiful The best natural attractions in the East. Visitors can contact. 
Ask for more information at (Thep Sathit District) Tel. 044-857099 (Chaiyaphum Provincial Administrative Organization) Tel.  / www.กระเจียว.com /

The ceremony opens. "Tungdokgrajeaw" 2555            The ceremony opens. "Tungdokgrajeaw" 2556  

  Pahinngam National Park. There is the location at Kaowpanghuoy The mountain range. The area border.
Tumbol Banrai Thepsathit Chaiyaphum. From Bangkok, Use the route. Saraburi-
Chaibadal. And Then you can go to 205 the number public road. And go to the
route of Chaibadal-Thepsathit-Chaiyaphum.
  Arrive first Thepsathit. The crossroad will go to the left to go to Pahinngam 
29 kilometer. If travel the route from Nakornrachasima. Must use the route Nakornrachasima-Phetchaboon. You must use the route Run to change TumbolNongboukok. To BanKamping and travel to reach Thepsathit. Then you must turn to the right the environs the traffic light. To go to Thepsathit-Sabyai the route. If you come from Chaiyaphum the route. You must use Nong Bua Rawe-Subyai-Thepsathit the route. After that you travel too Thepsathit. Before we arrived in Thepsathit about 17 kilometer , There will be the right crossroad to go to PA-HIN-NGAM National Park.


          "TungDokGrajeaw" It is born from. The forest siam tulip be various species. It happen round the national park. There are happen denselyly in the some part area. Many farm freckles areas to have go up to become the poor field denselyly. When you watch, You will see to mix white all over. The leaf stalk and the trunk are green. That environs grass is green also too. It is full of throughout the whole bright field. You will be happy like be in the heaven heart.
During the rainy season. In June - the August in every year. Dokgrajeaw
will be profuse. Very and very beautifully. It is held to be a leading actress of The national park. Dokgrajeaw will not make a personal appearance to see through the dry season.











             "Pahinngam" or (The stone (grounds/spring) is beautiful. )  Be at the west of The national park. This environs area. It is born to the a lot of rock happenning. It is born to the strange figure. There are ten farm many areas.
It is born from the sandstone and the scour of soil. It has been born to count for million years.
Lay to alternate the area fullly. There is the strange figure. It is like too A football world cup. Depend on that you imagination will. Which have a case in court natural wonderfully.









            "Sudpandin" It means. Be the last land. It is court the north of the national park. A cliff in rows and the stone overhanging rock. Destroy the most upland dot of mountain range. Be from the tall sea water level 846 meter. It is born from the middle one of the part land,  (Chanthai). Avoid to enter under the northeast land.   (Indo-Chaina)   Go up the land at self-glorification tallly. Call that "Sudpandin"   It is born to provincial three.
      1. The location territory of a park.
Be in the Chaiyaphum border.  (The northeast)
      2.  The west land of a park. At of Lopburi basically.
 (A part is middle)
      3.  A north side of the national park. Be the area border of Phetchaboon. (The North) It is cool the place at have the air beautiful.






1. From Bangkok metropolitan >> Highway 1 (Phaholyothin Road) to Saraburi, turn right and follow Highway 2 (Friendship Road).

Then turn left onto Route 201 North. Sikhio Nakhon Ratchasima. Via. Dankhunthot (heading into the province of Chaiyaphum, as well as four separate. Thank hump (to be logged in. square. If you turn right to go Nakhon Ratchasima.), Turn left to enter. North. Bamnetnarong (Brian. The ping) to the intersection. The Ping straight heading into. North. Thepsathit a distance of 30 km to the North. Thepsathit on the intersection. (Occupies Police Services), turn right heading towards. Sub. Na Yang matches, about 22 kilometers to the junction Pa Hin Ngam National Park. Turn left onto Taos County. Farmhouse and ran for about 9 km until you get to the park - Pa Hin Ngam National total distance of 342 kilometers.


2. From Bangkok (line 2) >> Highway 1 (Phaholyothin Road) prior to Saraburi., Take the bypass heading towards the province of Phetchabun.

Featured a crossroads Provide direct access to the highway that goes by. Chaibadan and province of Phetchabun to the intersection Clock Tower in. Chaibadan turn right into Market lamnarai the red light, turn left toward the terminal. Thepsathit province of Chaiyaphum, about 55 km. . to the intersection (The Police Services), turn left and follow the path that is geared towards the. Na Yang matches as detailed in Route 1.

      There are bus services Bangkok - Thepsathit - Chaiyaphum route to the park. Easily (get off at the intersection of the fields of flowers and a taxi ride to the park.  
Contacted for details at ...
    Bus Terminal 2 Phone 0-2936-2852-66   Nakonchai Air phone 0-4481-2522
    Bus Chaiyaphum phone 0-4481-1493   Chaiyaphum prosper phone 0-4481-1780
    Air Chaiyaphum phone 0-4481-1556    Chaiyaphum Tour  phone 0-4481-6012
  Bus from Chaiyaphum province to province and district of Chaiyaphum bus station. There is a bus to Bangkok at Chiang Mai, Nakhon Sawan - Nakhon Ratchasima.
Sak, Phetchabun, Phitsanulok, Khon Sawan, Khon Kaen, Nong Bua Bua Chum Kaset Sombun crazy attend the anchor fried lamnarai Phai Contact Us stations strategically phone 0-4481-1344.

          A van b. Brit to park at the weekend (four goals) and Mo Chit 2 Bangkok - Thepsathit park at the junction to the park of the Pa Hin Ngam it into the car. Flower Fields junction And a taxi ride to the park has no contact details. Station car park Weekend Contact us at 089-9468279.


           From Bangkok Railway Station (MRT), a fast car express train Bangkok - Nong Khai every day at the station revealed Tabak (Ex. Thepsathit) if an express bus to the station. Bamnetnarong then ride back to the district at Thep Sathit. Then go to the park. Further, if in doubt, ask for details at the front travel. The State Railway of Thailand Tel: 1609, 0-2223-7010, 0-2223-7020.


          Thai Airways International Public Company Limited () t is not yet available , the unit flew to the offense. If you wish to travel by plane to be down. Province of Khon Kaen , then connect
Buses return to the offense. A distance of 150 kilometers or more down the path to the province and then take the bus into the path of Nakhon Ratchasima.. The Pa Hin Ngam On the trail For further details or phone 1566, 0-2280-0060, 0-2628-2000.

 A Thep Sathit map.
 A Chaiyaphum map.
 A TungDokGrajeaw map.
 Tourism map of Chaiyaphum.

         Now it is open season "festival date tour flowers," then it is we who are interested in the beauty of nature
will appreciate the beauty of the flowers. Which will bloom beautifully in fact, I was the one who appreciates the beauty of
the travels of this for a long long time defeats this year if rain fall season, it should be those thee. small penis -
most of which lie under the surface of the earth, since for years it would have likely surfaced boasts a superb diode must stay with the Queen Empress of all flowers, even
if it rains. I wettest ground soaked you in our beautiful flowers , it is up to the player experience the full grassland yet ...

But would it look to the color green. And whitish pink I do not tell anyone! Although yesteryear flowers to Slow
to wash it into the penis was stowed holds a bouquet of flowers lean out to us, he has immortalized it. And you do not come to visit our Flower penis nature in the world this year , do not miss it slow, you may decide to miss any one year will have a once only that. " Park of the Pa Hin Ngam National. Park and Sai Thong National The two
had a difference to someone like the convenience or comfort is the Pa Hin Ngam, but I like to go on the ride 4 win was the banyan tree for me and for the wild rocky beauty that he opened the festival successfully. Team "penis. Com" invites you to tour here .. With the slogan Thailand Tourism Not to know actually worth


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  The Chaiyaphum chamber of commerce.   0-4481-1511
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